Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day of Distinction – it’s now or NOW!

Are you tired of being the joke of your family? Of being the unemployed one? Or the divorced one? Or, maybe, you’re the addicted, destroyed and self-loathing one!
If one or more of the above pertains to you, you’re definitely standing out, but for all the wrong reasons!
But what if this could change? What if the distinction you make is one which gets people to listen when you speak, to want the kind of life that you have? What if you could get the answer you’ve always wanted and your life could change NOW!
Day of Distinction! At all UCKG
Sunday 23rd September at 7am,10am,6pm
For more information, call our 24-hrs helpline number 592-2251557,2264934
What are you waiting for?

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