Monday, May 14, 2012

At Jacob’s well

“It’s not good for man to live alone,” this was the first major conclusion that God came across about human beings. But many live this sense of loneliness, even when they are accompanied. Anyone who has experienced it ensures that a “bad marriage” is much worse than being alone.

Yet, many procrastinate their love lives, saying they want to study and pursue a career or success, as if love were an obstacle for them to accomplish all these things or could be on standby.
Others, in order not to be alone, marry the first person that comes their way. Unfortunately, many people have fallen away because of their love life. This is why we will go to Israel – to Jacob’s Well to be more precise – with a mission: to solve your love life!
The Campaign of Israel is a campaign of faith that involves sacrifice. Many people wonder why they should sacrifice to God, because He already did the ultimate sacrifice for us when He gave His life on the cross (rightfully so). And following the Lord Jesus’ example, we offer Him our spiritual sacrifice.
We sacrifice for the sake of something they want to achieve. Our sacrifice will only benefit us. When we act out our faith, we show God that we trust and depend on Him.
Are you in need of God’s intervention in your love life, to bring a transformation in your marriage or help you find the right person? Then this campaign is exclusively for you.
If you would to participate in this Campaign of Israel for your love life, you can visit our local UCKG Churches for more information or call our helpline number 592-225-1557/226-4934

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