Monday, September 17, 2012

Day of Distinction

Why does God promise to make a distinction in our lives?
Because it’s the only way to show those who do not believe that our God is DIFFERENT and TRUE.
When we are determined to change and obey God, we become different from the inside; however, this difference has to show on the outside as well, so that those who do not believe may see and believe.
When should this distinction be seen?
NOW. Here on EARTH. In heaven there will be no need for God to show that He is true and Living God; but here on earth this manifestation is necessary!
What do I have to do to see this Distinction?
You have to walk in righteousness, stop doing what is wrong, and obey God; I cannot demand a distinctive life, if I do not change my attitude. Only those who live in righteousness have rights.
Do we deserve that God makes a distinction in our lives? No, we don’t. It’s not about one’s merits; it’s about FAITH. It’s about practising God’s justice in order to live a different life.
Why have I not seen this distinction in my life?
Because you have not surrendered your all to Him. God would be unjust if you had given your all to Him and He did not make a difference in your life.
There can only be a DISTINCTION when you surrender your all to Him.
What’s going to happen on September 23rd? What’s it all about?
A TOTAL LIFE TRANSFORMTION. The men in the past not only made a difference, but they were the DIFFERENCE.
We know the stories of the men in the past, but the difference they made in the past cannot glorify the living God in the present. For this reason, He said that He would ONCE AGAIN make a distinction between us who serve Him and those who don’t.

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