Monday, April 2, 2012

Exchange your cross

Family problems are stressing you out, sickness is stealing your joy, financial crisis and lack of funds are driving you crazy, loneliness is putting you down, depression has molded your character and you are so unhappy, yet it's your cross to bear, right?!
Who said that anyway? Who convinced you that you should accept a miserable way of living? Who compelled you to carry a cross that does not belong to you? Whose life is it anyway?
It's YOURS! It's your life and YOU decide. You have the power to choose what happens to you and there are so many people and spirits fighting to gain control of your life. If you don't exercise this power, it will naturally be stolen from you. Now, this may be a bit controversial, but sometimes religions steal your life away when all you need is faith! Sometimes your fears paralyze you when all you need is courage. Sometimes you find yourself in the same deep pit that your ancestors passed down to you and you have no idea how you got there. Yet, because you don't know what to do, you continue to carry a cross that doesn't belong to you. Actually, this cross belongs to Someone else and He actually already carried it for you!
hppycrossI am sure you've heard about this amazingly courageous Man who decided to take up His cross one Good Friday many years ago. But, why? Why would He do such a thing? This is our challenge. We want that Man by the name of Jesus to exchange our cross of problems by taking it from us as He promised. On Good Friday, April 6th, the real Jesus who to this day wants to take our burdens and give us real life will show up to take up your cross of problems. Don't you feel lighter already? Do you believe? We do!
We challenge you and those you love to trade in their cross of problems for one that is light, manageable and doable!
Is your cross too heavy? It's time to let it go!
Jesus said His burden is LIGHT—why are you carrying a heavy one? Trade it in on Good Friday.
Describe the heavy cross you've been carrying on the form below and bring it with you on Good Friday to be set free—trade it in for the right cross.
Are you carrying the wrong cross? Good Friday, April 6th 

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