Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day of Revolt

Life is unfair—a statement people may find themselves saying quite often.
  • I can't believe this happened to me!
  • Why do bad things always happen to me?
  • Why does everyone else seem to succeed and all I do is fail?
  • I have what it takes for a well-paying position, but I'm always turned down.
  • I work so hard, but see few results.
  • I gave my life to someone who betrayed me.
  • I'm given no hope to be healed.
  • The list goes on...
Many will tell you that life is unfair and that certain things simply have to be put up with. Others to wait on God and hope that He chooses to save you..
God is a Just Judge, and God is angry with the wicked every day. Psalm 7:11
And yet, throughout history men and women of faith experienced amazing victories only after they got angry and made an intelligent, planned out revolt against their situations.
Do you feel life is unfair? Are you tired of problems running your life? We invite you to the Day of Revolt where like-minded people will come together to change their lives and get justice from God.
If life has been unfair to you, don't miss the Day of Revolt.
Revolt always brings results.
God is a Just Judge... Psalm 7:11
Napoleón Estrada
I was anemic, had diabetes and cirrhosis.
I was an alcoholic.
I was told I needed a liver transplant and had to depend on insulin for life. After:
I was invited by a relative to the cathedral of Faith.
I decided to follow the advice I got and revolted
against my situation. I no longer depend on insulin,
stopped drinking and no longer need a transplant. The Just Judge made justice.

Alejandra B.
Worked at a restaurant washing dishes and
preparing meals in another. I was an illegal
resident and didn't speak English. After:
I was angry with my situation and I put my
trust and faith in the Just Judge, and He made
justice: Today, I have my permanent residency;
I am a real estate agent, and I have my own business.

Come and bring your protest before the Righteous Judge.
below to write down the injustice in your life and bring this paper with your on the Day of Revolt.
Day of Revolt—Sunday, March 18th (times may vary by location speak to the pastor at the cathedral of Faith near you)

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