Friday, September 13, 2013

Fast of Daniel: 23rd September, 2013

On September 23 we will begin a campaign that has transformed the lives of millions of people worldwide through a real experience with the living God.As with the prophet Daniel (read Daniel 9:10) when they feel overwhelmed and embittered towards the difficult living situation, held a fasting 21 days depriving yourself of desirable things of his time in search of the answer needed, and God answered, we will also be in the same order.
How to participate?
You must abstain from all kinds of information not Christian, entertainment, television, internet, games, music, film, films, novels and any other type of content that does not refer to God for 21 days.
Moreover, you should seek to engage with things that contribute to their faith, as the Bible reading and our books, watch our programs on television and on the internet, through Universal TV,blog of Bishop Macedo and other bishops site Universal Ark and social networks Church officials, in short, matters that tighten your relationship with God. You who are bitter, depressed, tired of religions and promises are not fulfilled, drowned in problems and concerns and want to know the true God to achieve complete transformation of your life, join this way of faith

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