Monday, May 20, 2013

This is Faith!

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Good afternoon, Bishop!
I returned to my Father's house on the 28th of January.
For almost a year, I was involved in the world of crime. I sold drugs and betrayed my wife, I was completely destroyed. I was an assistant for one year. During this time, I lost my mother. She was the pillar of our family and my son was only 4 months old.
Moved by the circumstances, I fell for the first snare the devil used to deceive me. It was from 11Am to 11Pm. This is when I asked to leave the Work of God. I did not trust in God, and look what happened.
In short, during the Fast of Daniel I received my Comforter. I repented with all of my heart. The meeting on the 7th was very strong for me.
I was baptized in water. It was so strong that I thought I had also been baptized with the Holy Spirit. I am never going to forget that day! On the 14th, a miracle happened. It was very strong.
I only manifested once. The pastor that is responsible for the "Rescue" here in Bahia – Brazil prayed for me once and I was delivered. But the shortest way for this to happen in my life was through sacrifice.
I started listening to everything that was being preached and began to let go of certain material things. I started surrendering myself to the Holy Spirit, because nothing else was worth it for me.
I started to give. First it was the tithe, the pastor preached about what we represent to God. After this, it was one success after another! I often say that without sacrifice you can just forget it: it is impossible!
A person comes to God, and their offering represents what lies within them. In fact, it represents who we are to God.
To say that we believe in God is easy, and I am not just talking about giving our offerings, I’m talking about sacrificing all of our lives.
I thank God for having the opportunity to share my experience with others. On the 14th of April, I was certain that this would happen. I believed in what said that day. If I could have been dressed in a new outfit, I would have.
I felt like a woman on her wedding day. When I got off the bus, near the church, the tears already began to roll down my cheeks. I could not control it, I did not know what was happening, it was inexplicable. This God is powerful! There are many things still to tell.
I returned because of my wife’s faith. She determined it during a Tuesday meeting, that next time I would be there sitting in the chair next to her, and we were separated at the time. That same week, the police almost killed me. I went into a wooded area, where I used to pray, but this time I was there to be killed. But, from inside the trunk, I cried out to God: I called out to Pastor Vicente’s God and to Bishop Macedo’s God. I asked God to send the same angels that serve these men of God and that if they did not touch me, I would leave that lifestyle. I asked God to make them forget that I was inside the trunk of that car, and that's what happened.
Today, I am unable to repay the Holy Spirit all the days of my life. I was supposed to be in hell right now, but the mercy of God found me.
Thank you, Bishop, for everything!
Where would we be if it were not for God and the Universal Church! May the Holy Spirit restore your strength!
We aren’t worthy of all the things we have received from God through you. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude. We have no idea what we have.
Thank you, Bishop! GOD bless you.
Joao Paulo dos Santos

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